What our customers have to say about Park Window Washing!

"We've gone with Greg at Park Window Washing since 2007 on our home and business's, spring and fall. I have no complaints, and highly recommend using his service."
Don - Park Avenue Specialties - Sherwood Park, Alberta

"Fantastic Service, we really recommend them. Great Work!"
Madeleine Staub-Odegard - Edmonton, Alberta

"Park Window Washing Service are thorough and careful. For me, they cleaned not only the windows inside and out, they pressure-washed the entire stone exterior of the house and garage, removing all the cobwebs and winter grime. A wonderful service, saving me all that brushing and hosing."
Terry Kubin - Woodwind Farms - Ardrossan, Alberta

"We've had Park Window Washing do our windows for about 5 years and we really like the service"
Reuben and Alexa Hansen - Sherwood Park, Alberta

"Park Window Washing continues to clean the windows on our new construction homes since 2009, and only once or twice did they ever need to go back to touch-up some windows."
Leroy - Carriage Signature Homes - Edmonton, Alberta

"Park Window Washing has been washing our windows since we moved in to our new house in 2009. The quality of work is excellent and the service is professional."
Lee Portas - Sherwood Park, Alberta

Let the sun shine in! Park Window Washing