We offer several professional services

Residential Window Cleaning

Here at Park Window Washing we give the best quality and care in your home. Our philosophy is that we will wash your home windows as if they were our own.

We can do inside and outside windows or just outside or just inside. We take off any tape, paint, bug specks and hard water or oxidation as part of your regular cleaning. We give attention to detail by flushing and brushing clean your sills and tracts that your windows or doors close in.

When our employees are done we make it a point to lock all your windows behind us for your safety and care. We make it a point to clean up after ourselves and leave your home in better shape then when we arrived.

We wash, rinse, and wipe all your screens.

As an added bonus for our clients we make it a point to wash all your glass outdoor tables for free! We truly leave your home shiny clean!

Proudly serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Area with all your residential window washing needs.

Commercial Window Cleaning

First impressions can make all the difference in the world and can give you an edge up on your competition. Having clean windows tells your prospective clients that you takepride in the appearance of your business.

Here at Park Window Washing we provide local business with the highest quality and most dependable service in Edmonton and surrounding area.

We provide services from weekly to yearly and anything in between.

Our workers are professionally trained, and take pride in the work they perform for your business.
We specialize in low rise window cleaning. We are able to handle any buildings up to 5 stories.

We welcome any regional & or district managers of chain stores to give us a try. We can develop very competitive pricing that will help your bottom line.

Proudly serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Area with all your commercial window cleaning needs.

Eavestrough Cleaning

No matter how you look at it cleaning eavestroughs is a messy, but necessary job for every home owner.

We clean your eaves troughs the right way every time. We will scoop out all mud, roof silt, leaves, pine needles and yes kids toys and small trees growing in your eaves troughs. Then we rinse them thoroughly and check each down spout to make sure the water is flowing freely. We will also let you know of any low spots where water isn’t draining properly.

Our job still is not done. We rinse the bottom of your eaves troughs and your house, sidewalks, driveways and patios if needed. We do the job right the first time. It is recommended that each home that has trees around it get there eaves troughs cleaned at least once a year.

Proudly serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Area with all your eavestrough cleaning needs.

New Home Construction Window & Exterior Cleaning

We are fully trained in the most up to date techniques in cleaning and removing construction debris on your windows. Whether you are a contractor preparing a clients home to move into or you are a home owner who is just completing a brand new home or remodel. The first cleaning of your brand new windows is the most important.

Many a trusting home owner hires the cheapest cleaning lady or cleaning service and after the cleaning is complete they discover their windows are scratched and in need of replacing.

We will clean your windows as if they are your own. We start with the frames and clean all the paint, drywall mud, stucco or cement. Then brush out the sills. Then we clean your windows carefully removing any labels, stickers, paint, varnish, lacquer, tape stucco or cement. Your windows will look as good as they did in the showroom when you picked them out.

You've spent months building your home, and haven't left out any detail. Your windows have been taking a beating the entire time. You can trust us with one of your most expensive investment of your new home. Let the Park window washing skilled professionals get it all off, safely and effectively.

Proudly serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Area with all your exterior new home construction cleaning needs.

Exterior Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash residential homes and commercial business.

Residential Pressure Washing: We take extra care of washing your home, by first removing things around your home that could get damaged, like wind chimes, patio furniture, kids toys and the like. We will use a wide tip on our sprayer so we do not damage your paint or siding. Not only will we clean your home but we can rinse down your patios, side walks, and or drive ways. To give your home the fresh look you deserve.

Commercial Pressure Washing: we do offer this for our commercial customers. First impressions are very important in business. Keeping your property clean of dirt, dust and cobwebs is important to the sharp look you want to portray to your customers. Call our office to schedule a free estimate.

Proudly serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Area with all your exterior pressure washing needs.

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