About Park Window Washing

From the owner and founder Greg Bishop

Owner Park Window Washing Greg Bishop

Greg Bishop was born and raised in Sherwood Park. Over the years has been active in the community coaching volleyball at Salisbury Composite High. Has taught piano and has been involved with scouting. Greg has tried many different jobs like in the oil and gas sector, restaurant, construction and farming. In 2007 and between jobs after coming home from traveling south of the border- Greg thought for a summer job, that cleaning windows might be a good fit at the time. After finding out that he didn't mind the work and liked the idea of the freedom of self-employment - continued to clean windows and take the necessary step to create a legitimate business.

With some good and long time customers early on - like Pacesetter Homes and Carriage Signature Homes and many businesses and residences in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, Park Window Washing continues to grow each year...

When not cleaning windows Greg enjoys many teams sports, snowboarding, water skiing, golf, scuba, music, books, and traveling.

Greg's married with 5 kids and helps out his wife's family and friends in the Philippines."

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